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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 23, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the parents and abc. according to the poll. thanks for watching everybody. i'm megyn kelly, shepard smith takes over. >> the the news begins anew. he's serving three life sentences for the death of his pregnant wife and two daughters. box one, nearly 40 years after his conviction, a former army doctor has new evidence that proves he's innocent. jonathan hunt with late details. in box number two, the president's point man on policing wall street bonuses with a new tactic today. what the white house is trying to do to bailed out banks that gave out big-time bonuses. plus this. >> get off of me. i'm not even -- >> get on the ground. >> shepard: a college student tacked thed by police after a
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classroom argument goes way out of the control. we'll speak with the student who shot this video coming up today. first, healthcare reform is in the books. and if you have any doubts about the excitement of the supporters, check out the scene at the signing ceremony this morning. >> [ chanting ] >> fired up, ready to go! supporters started that chant in 2008, much like candidate obama, healthcare reform seems to have overcome enormous odds. this afternoon the senate debates changes. house in members who voted for reform did so with appear agreement the senate would pass a different version soon, the reconciliation part. today president obama rallied his troops again for a tough fight ahead.
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>> thank you. we're a nation that faces challenges and accepts responsibilities. we're a nation that does what is hard, what is necessary, what is right. here in this country we shape our destiny. that's what we do. that is who we are, that makes us the united states of the america. >> the president listed benefits he says will start this year, including and end to yearly or lifetime limits on coverage and a chance for kids with preexisting conditions to get insurance. then the president signed the bill into law with a stroke of a pen. actually 20 pens that will passed out to republicans are not sharing in the excitement. they're pointing to what they call anger and rejection by americans. >> don't think that the tea partiers are just angry about healthcare. they're angry about spending, they're angry about out of control taxes, they're angry about the mortgaging their
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children's futures. you're going to see all over america grass roots campaigns intensify. >> senator mccain talking about the people who showed up at town hall meetings and rallies trying to stop healthcare reform to the end. republicans saying if democrats don't listen to the people they'll pay the price in the election. major, a bittersweet moment today. >> bitter elsewhere but nothing but sweetness here at the white house, shepard. this was a day for history and celebration and it's a blowing out the candles story. most of the substance has been dealt with, debated, gone over, over and over, today for those who fought for this, the president, his staff, loyal members of congress, the
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administration, the president singled out those members of congress to stuck through to the very end. >> it's a testament to the historic leadership and uncommon courage of the men and women of the united states congress who have taken their lumps during this difficult debate. >> yes, we did. [ laughter ] >> that was new york congressman gary ackerman who took lumps because there wasn't a public option because his constituents wanted a public option. if you were a democrat on either side you took your lumps. if you were a republican, you handed out the lumps. today, those who took the lumps were on the side of victory and the president says that's right for the country. >> the president talked often about this being one america but he seems in touch with how divided it is. >> this bill is america, this is
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what it can achieve. from his point of view, this is what america needs but for republicans and critics of the bill, both who have legal objections and policy objections, it's the worst thing that can happen to america. republicans made it clear, one of their most important if not the most important rally cries is repeal this bill. that's not possible even if they win huge vote totals but it could be the beginning of the undoing of this. >> vice president biden's enthusiasm was -- i don't know, it was evident, his potty mouth was evident. >> lots of evident. it's interesting that vice president biden played such a role. he was given the recovery act, middle east peace, he joked i'm happy to deal with middle east
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peace because it's years an healthcare. the vice president was here, gave his remarks and gave the president a hug and that's where things began to unravel. >> the president of the united states of america, barack obama. [ applause ] >> this is a [ bleep ] deal. >> this is a big f'ing deal and the word was not frappe i'm told. the press secretary put out on twitter a confirmation of what peoplered saying yes, mr. vice president, you're right. if our business, if you're accused of liable, truth is always a defense. in this case, the white house employed that as well. >> shepard: so be it. major, thank you. >> lots more new information on the healthcare insurance reform
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law. find out more about what the white house is saying, click on politics at the top and row 2, seat 4, his interview with the senior white house advisory, david axlerod. >> president obama won't have time to savor the insurance reform victory. this evening he faces what looks to be tense talks about the israel prime minister netanyahu, israel relation have been frosted other israel's controversial decision to build settlements in east jerusalem. hillary clinton says it's not in israeli's best interest. but last night the prime minister, anytime netted, forcefully claimed jerusalem is not a settlement but the capital of israel. interestingly enough with tensions as high as they've been
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in years, we're told president obama and the prime minister, netanyahu, will not hold a news conference or have a photo op. wendell goler is at the white house. this is unusual. >> it's the second meeting the two won't pose, netanyahu reaffirmed he would only accept a demilitarized. as for the construction in east jewel limb, the prime minister made it clear they have no intention of giving it back. >> everyone knows that these neighborhoods will be part of israel in any peace settlement. and therefore, building in them in no way precludes of possibility of a two-state solution. >> the problem is the palestinians want east jerusalem as their capital and they fought with police over the weekend.
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resolution 242 says the israelis and palestinianss are supposed to negotiate. aides to abbas said the peace talks mitchell is trying to arrange won't happen unless the israelis stop building and netanyahu says he won't blink. >> there are broader issues at stake and the construction issue in jerusalem is a red herring. this is not what these peace talks should be about. these peace talks should be about what could create lasting and enduring peace. >> administration officials say their commitment to israel is strong, saying israel would increase security by clearing the way for peace talks with palestinians. >> wendell goler in the briefing room, thanks. there's breaking news on "fox news channel" and we just got word of a serious tour bus crash at walt disney world.
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reports of multiple people hurt, at least one seriously. tim gaughan is monitoring it. >> i'll show you a map. it was two busses involved. disney bus crashed with a second bus at epcot center. right here you have the image sick kingdom and here is epcot center. the accident happened on epcot center drive on a toll plaza. one of the busses rear-ended another at the advance to the parking lot. one person transported. now we have as many at five people injured in an extended operation. we're going to continue to work on this and hopefully have pictures. >> often very difficult to get pictures out of walt disney world. they have their ways. we'll get that as we can. the federal judge orders the release of a terror suspect a serious terror suspect accused of helping recruited the men to
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>> shepard: we have new developments to report in a murder case that dates back 40 years. a man convicted of killing his then pregnant wife and two daughters is begging for a new trial.
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his name is jeffrey mcdonald. here's a picture of him. a young army doctor when he was convicted of killing his family in 1970. mcdonald claimed hippies on drugs committed the murders. the court did not-guilty plea him and a judge sentenced him to three life sentences. the story inspired a book and miniseries, fatal vision. mcdonald is now 66 years old. he says he has new evidence that clears him and he wants another day in court. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt. >> dna evidence using technology that wasn't available at his original trial they say shows hairs found in the home didn't come from a family member. also sworn statements from two people which mcdonald and his team say absolutely back up his story that he was not in any way involved in the murders of his
3:14 pm
family. in particular, one from a woman who says she was there at the time. >> who is she? >> her name is helena stoically stoically and she testified she was not there on the night the ever murder but she later said she was in the mcdonald family home with a bunch of what she called charles manson inspired hippies and was originally considered a suspect because she fit the description mcdonald gave cops of one of the hippies. now they have evidence from a sworn statement from a deputy marshal who heard her say that. >> the man who was convicted maintained his innocence all along. >> we haven't heard from him recently but in 1990 he sat down with a current affair and talked about what it was like to be thrown into jail when he was, in
3:15 pm
his mind, innocent of the crime of which he was convicted. >> once those doors slam shut, i don't think you're ever the same person. hopefully i've been able to focus on the future and rebuilding a life once i overturn the case but it's a tough hall. it's a difficult thing to go through. of course in my case, i'm innocent. >> the appeals court will decide in the next few weeks or possibly the next few months whether it agrees mcdonald is innocent. >> imagine if he is, four decades clarity. i hope our viewers check in for a live chat with jonathan hunt. that's my mug but this here, this is where you get to jonathan hunt. join in on the chat which happens here. we'll share what you're saying later in this hour. that story or others, including healthcare, at
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i mentioned he's called the most high valued detainee at guantanamo bay with ties to the attacks of 9/11 a federal judge ordered the release of this man, and here he is. agents arrested him in africa shortly after the attacks of 9/11. according to prosecutors he helped recruit members of al qaeda, including this member of the hijacksers, mohammed atta, but after eight years, a u.s. district judge ruled the feds don't have enough evidence to hold him any longer. with us, the former republican senator from washington, slade gordon. senator gordon is a former member of the 9/11 commission. very good to see you. thank you for coming. >> i'm happy to be here. >> you learned a lot about this man, back during the investigation, it's my understanding. what can you tell us about him?
3:17 pm
>> there's no question, but that he was a major factor in all of the events that led up to 9/11. he is perhaps the most dangerous of all the prisoners we have at guantanamo and now we have a judge who has said that he's to be released. we don't know what the reasons the judge has for that. he'll publish a part of his opinion in a few days, but some of it will be classified forever. nevertheless i think this gives us a real opportunity. this guy was to have been tried before a military commission. but the lieutenant colonel in the army who was the prosecutor said, i can't do it because the evidence comes from torture or what amounts to torture. in that sense he's in limbo. he won't be tried in civil court or in a military commission but there are other laws that allow us to hold these people
3:18 pm
indefinitely and there's the opportunity that the obama administration has now to appeal this case to go back to the supreme court and see if a won't limit that earlier case which gave all the guantanamo prisoners the rights to corporals. >> and the administration plans to do that. >> i think they certainly should. i think they will. it can open up a controversial issue that resulted in a 5-4 decision by the u.s. supreme court. at this point we can't blame the judge for what he's done. we don't know why he did it but there are other alternatives and i'm sure this guy is not going to be on the streets anytime soon. >> how serious an impediment to justice has the use of torture through this process? >> well, you're seeing perhaps the greatest single example.
3:19 pm
caution, we don't know whether or not other valuable information was gotten from this individual by reason of the treatment as he got. we don't know the answer to that but it's clear it made his prosecution, even in a military commission, impossible and probably makes similar prosecutions of number of others impossible. but as long as we're in the present war that we're in, there ought to be a method, even if with rereview it every year, of keeping dangerous people behind bars. congress is going to play a role in this, the courts are going to play a role in this. the administration is going to play a role in this and i think the administration is going to do the best job they can to keep this guy where he is. >> in the name of justice, let's hope they figure it occupy. former senator gordon, thank you. and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> all right. have you seen this?
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>> i'm not going anywhere until you [ bleep ]. i paid for it just like everybody else here. [ bleep ] >> you better look out. a college student arrested in class after going all nuts on the teacher. we'll show you this coming up. @ it's mday,
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guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. >> shepard: we're continuing to follow breaking news out of the walt disney world in central florida where there's a bus crash that appears to be serious. one bus rear-ended another at epcot center drive. this is a google earth look. if you have been there, epcot center as a loop around it that the -- transportation brings you to and from one part. it's at one of toll plazas. this is the google earth look. that's the spot. we're waiting for pictures. five people injured, one quite
3:24 pm
serious, orange county fire and rescue, this is orange county, next to osceola county, overlapping. orange county is in charge of this. they say they have an extended event going on, which is fire rescue speak for something serious going down. we're waiting for pictures and when we get them, we'll bring them to you right away. >> first a student takedown caught on camera. police at the university of wisconsin at milwaukee arrest add 24-year-old student after her professor claims the woman became disruptive and threatened other students. you decide. >> i didn't [ bleep ] and i'm not going anywhere. i paid for class just like everybody else did. [ bleep ]. what are you doing? get your hands off of me. i'm not even fighting with you.
3:25 pm
>> get on the ground. >> what are you doing? >> [ indiscernible ] >> we're going to have to carry you out of the school. >> you are hear the woman say she's not resisting arrest as police struggle with her. we're told it started with an argument over a recent exam last week. things got heated and her professor asked her to leave. according to a witness someone told her to sit down and she responded by throwing a water bottle. that's when the cops were called. the woman is being cited for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest. the video aired on local news, on line then viral. on the phone with us. the student to shot the video, anna bassett. >> what was that like? it doesn't look like a major thing. >> it was very intense because by the time she was taken out of the classroom, it had been 30
3:26 pm
minutes. she was cursing and going on to about a half hour. >> shepard: she was upset about a exam? >> she was. we had taken examines two weeks prior. >> anthropology. >> yes. what happened, on the day of the exam, she wouldn't put her material away, like the teacher asked, the teacher had to ask her five or six times. >> shepard: her mouth is as foul at joe biden. >> my gosh, she was so bad. she was nonstop for about 30 minutes and even when the teacher walks out into the hallway to call the campus police after she threw the bottle, she was still threatening the class. she said, you're making this uncomfortable, will you please leave and she said i'll get up and come over and smack you. >> shepard: is this a flip cam? it's hid be behind the orange juice, you can read 100% of the
3:27 pm
daily allowance of vitamin c. >> yeah. >> shepard: i guess you hid the camera, the last thing you want with the wrath of anybody upset. >> we're all scared, like in the video, you can see at one point the students packing up their bags and moving. >> shepard: that's probably the better course. >> it was. off to the side, you can see her boyfriend at times. and at one point she's cursing him out. all he was saying was robbin, let's go out in the hall and talk about this. take a breath. >> shepard: it's my understanding this has gotten millions of clicks on line. are you surprised by that? >> i am. i didn't think it was anything. i mean the only reason i posted it on line is because my classmates wanted to see it and i didn't think it would go anywhere. i've never experienced this before. i started to record it --?
3:28 pm
why not? >> i don't know. i just -- it's so weird. >> shepard: it's my understanding you're an intern with the local news station? >> i'm a paid employee as a local station. >> shepard: that's why i recorded it, why wouldn't you? >> that's not why. >> shepard: i would have. whatever. i'm glad nobody got hurt. is she locked up or a ticket? >> she received two citations for disorderly conduct, which you can hear her being arrested for, then resists arrest, which she clearly was. the campus police came and were in the hallway and asked her three times, please go with them. that's when she says you're going to have to carry me out of here. all he was going to do, the first police officer, was to just pull her chair out so she could get up and she went off on them.
3:29 pm
>> shepard: all right, well, it's good to see you, good to talk to you. thank you for the video. i'm surprised you got all the clicks too. >> it's crazy. >> shepard: the white house taking a closer look at the top pay of the top executives in companies that got bailouts. something new coming, hang on. [ crowd cheering ]
3:30 pm
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>> shepard: financial big wigs will take pay cuts this year, and not volunteer taylor. the person in charge of watching wall street bonuses, the
3:32 pm
taxpayers, is ordering the cuts. brand-new, in the last few minutes, kenneth feinburg made orders public, 25 top executives at five companies still receiving extraordinary pay will make 15% less in 2010 than in 2009. the businesses are some of the best known, general motors, chrysler and their financial arms and insurance giant aig. you may remember the federal government poured nearly $200 billion into aig in an attempt to keep it from taking down the entire economy. with that comes extra scrutiny and control and that's where the announcement comes in. bob o'brien is the stocks editor at barron' which is owned by the parent company of this network. this just happened but it's not surprising, he foreshadowed this. >> he had been going after the seven particular companies that received the financial bailouts and were on government life
3:33 pm
support so he's been pursuing that for the last several months. not a huge surprise that he would put -- >> there's more coming is sounds there. there is. the big its -- another 419 financial companies, bigger banks and small community banks, that received government spending under bank bailout. all 419 received the money. they'll look at the compensation for the top 25 executives and see if he can renegotiate terms. >> this is a change in course. in the early going we heard there are contracts, there's this and that. sounds like they have a new way. >> they do. this is going after the compensation packages awarded in 2008 when the banks were sliding into oblivion. we'll go after these companies
3:34 pm
and try to sync up so the compensation packages reflect the performance, which was dismal. >> it seems it's always important to look at why people are doing things. we know that the general public has been, to put it mildly, angry with the big institutions. is this more pr? >> no, i think there's something substantive taking place. there's a pr element, the obama administration trying to show that it -- there's more than rhetoric at work, but they genuinely want to create an environment where it seems as though people are being paid for exactly what kind of performance they were able to wring out of their company rather than paying them for something that's out of scale for what they did. >> shepard: sounds like the kind of thing in recent months, at least, against which the banks would push back. >> i suspect they will. it's a delicate balance for the banks because on one hand they
3:35 pm
can't seem to be champenning their right to pay executives whatever they want. that seems as though they're being mercenary. so they have a difficult task ahead but this is not shall with mr. feinburg's authorization to go after the 419 banks, he can't force them to do anything about the compensation packages. he could only use his office as the bully pulpit to convince them it's in their best interesting from the perception is the banks get richer and bigger and the little guy who puts money in the bank gets the shaft. real or not, that's the perception. >> there's validity to that. consumer credit is not as available as in 2006 and 2007 so the banks received the benefits of a taxpayer bailout but haven't in turn helped to nurture the economic recovery
3:36 pm
that everybody is interested in seeing. they're not lending money at the rates they formerly did and they're cutting some consumer lending. i mean the perception is that the small guy's getting the shaft but there's validity to that. >> there's a lot of context on this at barron', bob o'brien from barron's. >> one family in a private plane 10,000 feet in the air when suddenly the pilot has a heart attack. >> my pilot's deceased. i'm in a single engine [ audio trouble ] i need help. >> you're in a small plane and your pilot drops dead. now what do you do? the folks who helped them are being honored as heroes. it's an amazing story and it's coming up next. @útçñçpqç?p@÷÷
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op on the senate floor, netanyahu in town meet with the president. there he's speaking with john kerry, as you can see. to his right, our left, the chuck schumer, the senior senator from the state of new york. you can see a couple in the back, lugar and levin, reid and mcconnell were not taking part in the photo op because of action happening on the senate floor. the reason we bring this is for context. no questions were allowed. the president is not having a photo op at all with benjamin netanyahu while here. our relation with israel are frosty and there's settlement controversy and disputes and a lot to be worked out. the only photo op with senators and not with the president. a former college provesser from the state of alabama accused of
3:41 pm
shooting six colleagues and killing three faced a judge today. the judge denied bond for amy bishop, we have pictures from court today i believe. bishop, wearing white socks and flip-flops with a thick chain on each ankle was mostly expressionless when it is judge transferred her case to a grand jury. she said nothing during her hearing. investigators testified the gun was purchased for her husband in 1989. police say amy bishop insisted she had nothing to do with a shooting that left three people dead at the university of alabama, huntsville. colleagues say she was upset because she didn't get tenure. >> when something goes wrong thousands of pete in feet in the air, highly trained air-traffic controllers, capable of guiding
3:42 pm
a plane to safety in the middle of a crisis. more than a dozen controllers are honored for their actions. rick eleven town hall is live from new york. 10,000 feet and the pilot drops dead. >> air-traffic controllers face charges. doug white and his wife were in the plane when the pilot died. >> my pilot is unconscious. i need help. i need to get this thing on the ground, my pilot's deceased. i'm in a single engine -- i need help. >> white flew small planes been never handled a king air. several controls controls are ge towards fort myers and photographers caught the plane on tape moments after the
3:43 pm
landing. >> i touched down, if i ever touch down, do i kill the throttle? >> when you touch down, slowly kill the throttle. >> you don't have to respond, more information once you make it on the ground. center line with the rudder, kill the throttle and maximum braking. you have plenty of runway. if you have to have a lot of power that's fine. looks good from here, good job. >> it ain't going to work. >> the runway's all yours. you can turn left or right, whatever is easier. pilot all the way back and max braking. >> thank you. >> nice work. >> you didn't hear them all but jessica, anayar, lisa, brian and ken meadows all haled as heroes and doug white too. nearly a dozen others were honored and we'll have their stories tonight.
3:44 pm
>> shepard: that's the first time i've seen that all the way through. that guy was amazing. the -- i could hear him when he said i'm a sing single engine pilot but he has a dead man on the control. >> he was working around the guy. he's not familiar with the controls so he needed to be talked to where things were and how to operate them. >> i look forward to hearing from the rest of them. >> key cabinet members are meeting with mexican leaders about the drug war. a visit after a deadly shooting that targeted three americans. how the incident could shape today's high-level talks. that's next on "studio b." [ male announcer ] years ago,
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about who will be there to help protect your identity. call now an put the most sophisticated... identity alert system to work for you, and enjoy knowing that you have the original... million dollar total service guarantee working for you. everyone should have identity theft protection. go with the industry leader. join lifelock and get alerts to important information, a one million dollar service guarantee... plus a team of identity theft protection specialists. enroll now and get ten percent off your enrollment... for you and your entire family with today's special offer. call now and mention id alert. or visit ♪ >> shepard: a violent power struggle fueled by drug money that's fueled by americans thirst for drugs. bodies basically piling up as fast as coroners take them away.
3:48 pm
18,000 dead in fact over the last three years and it's taking place within a stone's throw of the united states, just across the mexican border. today hillary clinton and robert gates along with the homeland security secretary janet napolitano arrived in mexico city to come up with a plan to get the crisis under control. these are high-level talks, a week after the suspected drug cartel good morning shot this pregnant american consulate worker and her husband, shot to death in their car outside a bridge to texas. mike emmanuel, some heavy hitters attending the meetings. that speaks to the concern, i guess. >> absolutely. the two gentlemen from this building, secretary of defense, gates and secretary of the joint chiefs are talking about commitment the military could provide to the mexicans to take on the drug cartels, the need for greater communication and
3:49 pm
the need to share intelligence better to take on those cartels. the secretary of state, the headliner but there are other american officials to hit home the message that we're concerned about the threat to the mexican government and the threat that spills onto american soil. >> are they giving suggestions? >> they're saying what can we do to support your effort to take on the cartel. there's threat to the mexican government. 17,000 mexicans have been killed by the drug cartel since the calderon administration took office in 2006. i asked the pentagon press secretary, geoff morrell, about this meeting. here's how he framed it. >> clearly to get people such as the secretary of state, secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of homeland security, the director of national intelligence, the president's counterterrorism advisor and a
3:50 pm
host of others, it shows our level of commitment to working with the mexican government to help combat this threat within their midst and one that ultimately permeates into our country. >> this government is saying we want to be good neighbors to you. >> well, we are the source for the consumption there. mike, thank you very much. big news from the nfl about which i have just gotten information. it has to do with the rules for overtime. a lot of people don't like the rules in overtime when a coin toss decides it. college has a bit of a better system, it seems to me. i've just been informed a change is coming. and we'll have the details for you and me for that matter, that's next.
3:51 pm
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3:54 pm
okay, here's the skinny from the nfl. the league changed rules for overtime in playoffs only. if a team wins the overtime coin toss and scores a field goal, the other team has a chance to play offense. go you get a touchdown, you win. game over. if they score a field goal. there's still a tie, the sudden death rules apply. we're told team owners voted 28-4 to change the rule. college's rule is better. he's been accused of sexually assaulting women twice in a year but pittsburgh steelers roethlisberger will be meeting with the nfl commissioners roger goodell soon. police are looking into lakes roethlisberger assaulted a college student in georgia. he nice it all. police have not filed any charges. last year a different woman claimed roethlisberger raped her
3:55 pm
at a nevada hotel. police never pursued the matter. but roger goodell wants to meet with the quarterback to discuss why he continues to put himself in this position. oh, yeah, the healthcare law is the topic on line today. >> very fired up about the healthcare debate. a lot of people asking on line today in the words of kurt, if this is so great for america, how come it isn't good enough for the lawmakers. they want members of congress to adopt the same healthcare these people feels forced on them. there's a lot of questions about the states anyway challenge it in the court system, how that's going to happen and also questions on where president obama goes next. does he tackle the economy, jobs or immigration. people want to see all those tackled quickly. >> thank you very much.
3:56 pm
>> shepard: and update from the bus crash at walt disney world in florida. we've been showing you google animation of the spot. this is the street view from google at this stop. the update is eight people are injured. news core confirms through my fox orlando, tuesday's crash is the second within a year to occur on this property and involve a bus. the injured passengers aboard the disney bus, the disney driver, the most seriously injured and airlifted to orlando regional medical center a superior trauma center to that person will get the best attention available there. updates from disney as we get them. that's coming up. @=h
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>> shepard: then there's this. before we wrap it up in studio 12h. india has a nuclear weapon and army, now a new edition to the arsenal. chili peppers. the hottest on the planet according to the guinness book of world records. growth chilis. the army will use the chemicals to make hand grenades. used like tear gas. the scientists say they'll work by choking terrorists and forcing them out of


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